It is that time of year again where we have to find the perfect present for our friends and family. This is often easier said than done, but if some of the people on your list love to party, unique gifts that pertain to alcohol are your best bet. The standard beer cooler and whisky Christmas presents are great, but in order to make this season a memorable one, you will have to think a little differently. Here are the best Christmas gifts for party people in 2017.


Bathtub Wine Glass Holder

Buying Christmas gifts for drinkers is remarkably easy if you put yourself in their shoes. Winding down after a hard day at work with a glass of wine and a bubble bath sounds great and even looks good on television, but the truth is, it is difficult to keep a wine glass from tipping over on the slippery areas of a bathroom. Wine glasses also do not bounce on the tile floor. They shatter into a million pieces making getting out of the bath to clean it up a hazard. A bathtub wine glass holder is the perfect solution. This small device attaches to any surface around the tub and holds the glass by the stem to avoid any spillage. This could be perfect gifts for millennials or anyone that enjoys a good glass of wine in the tub.


Bottle Loft

Alcohol Christmas gifts come in a range is types, but beer Christmas presents are great for beer lovers. It may not be the classiest idea to simply buy your buddy an insane amount of beer, but it could be a good idea to provide him with an excellent way to store the beer he already has. The bottle loft allows you to store your beer on the top of the fridge rather than on the racks. The beer bottles are slid into a mechanism that allows them to be held aloft by the bottle tops making this gift a space saving opportunity.


Make Your Own Whiskey Kit

The DIYer in your gift list that just happens to be a drinker can benefit from this whiskey Christmas present. Thee do it yourself kit includes everything needed to make the whiskey they love. It is important to remember that it takes time to make a good bottle of whiskey even for the most experienced producer, so this gift is not for someone that may be a bit too impatient to allow the whiskey to fully come together.


Remote Controlled Rolling Cooler

This gift is an excellent idea for anyone who loves to drink, but does not like to go and refill their beer. The little cooler is remote operated and rolls seamlessly across multiple surfaces. The capacity of the cooler is around 6 bottles or cans and keeps everything nice and cold for hours.


Combination Bottle Lock

The combination bottle lock is a great gift as rum Christmas presents, Gin gifts 2017, and for the wine lover in the bunch. The combination lock fits on the top of the bottle and allows you to put in the combination to open the bottle. Keep this one in mind for those that share a space with roommates or those that have a family member that regularly comes over to raid the fridge. They will thank you for this one.


Magnetic Beer Cosies

Keeping your beer nice and cold has become the ultimate job of a beer cozy, but the problem is that these beer cozies often get misplaced or even thrown away. These magnetic cozies offer you the chance to keep the cozy handy and hold your beer safely to any magnetic surface. This would be great at a tailgate party with the ability to place the beer right on your car.


Bracelet Flask

Flasks have become among the best gifts for drinkers, but they all seem to be in the same shape and style. The bracelet flask brings fashion into the mix with a stainless steel bracelet with a hidden compartment perfect for any form of alcohol. It can be an inconspicuous way to have a little sip in places that traditionally do not allow alcohol.


Bicycle Wine Rack

Transporting wine can sometimes be a challenge especially if your mode of transportation is a bicycle. This bicycle wine rack allows you to safely haul a bottle of wine without dangling it from the handle bars. These leather straps allow the wine bottle to move with the bike, yet securely hold it in place throughout the journey.

Xmas presents come in a range of different styles, but when you are purchasing gifts for a drinker, these presents will ensure that your gift giving experience is a happy one. Thoughtful gifts are always appreciated and when you keep in mind the needs of the gift receiver, you always give the best presents.