Frequently Asked Questions about Skiffl

About The Skiffl App

What is Skiffl?

Skiffl is a mobile app that lets you book premium hospitality from select venues. Skiffl gives you access to exclusive venues, and more importantly, memories. Our easy to-use app/website is your gateway to a VIP lifestyle.

How Can I Use Skiffl?

You can use Skiffl to:

  • Browse Venues
  • Book VIP tables
  • Pre-Order Bottles
  • Book in Groups
  • Split the Bill
  • Skip the Queue

Use Skiffl on iOS or Android.

How Do I Use Skiffl?

Using Skiffl to book hospitality is extremely easy. This is how you do it:

  1. Log in to your Skiffl account
  2. Browse available hospitality
  3. Book the hospitality of your choice
  4. Pay the bill or split the tab with your friends
  5. Turn up at the venue
  6. Enjoy your night
Where Can I Use Skiffl?

Right now Skiffl is in Liverpool. Contact us on social media to request a new city!

Why Should I Use Skiffl?

There are hundreds of reasons to use Skiffl, however, the three main reasons are:

  1. Access – Skiffl grants you access to premium hospitality in the best venues in the city, and unlike a promoter, we don’t have preference to any certain nights or venues. With Skiffl you get the hospitality that suits you, on the night that suits you, at the price that suits you.
  2. Convenience – Hospitality options are displayed on our easy-to-use platform, and we’re on call 24/7 to answer any questions you may have.
  3. Trust – We are fully transparent – there are NO hidden costs: the price you purchase your hospitality at is the price you pay. Additionally, our hospitality experts  (live chat) are available all times

About Bottle Service & VIP Tables

What is Bottle Service?

Bottle service is a VIP nightlife experience like no other. The general idea is that rather than ordering drink-by-drink at the bar, meaning you have to deal with queues, frequent trips to the bar, organising rounds and so on, you get full bottles of your favourite spirits, wines, beers, liqueurs and more brought your table by your host or hostess.

Bars and nightclubs generally have a separate menu for bottles, and with Skiffl you can pre-order all of your table’s bottles from this menu right in the app!

Organising Your Night Out

I’m looking for something different than the packages available on Skiffl, what should I do?

This is where our relationships with venues really come in handy. If you have a custom request, get in touch via bookings@skiffl.com, or call us at 0151 909 2105.

I Don't Know Where to Go, Can I Get Help Planning My Night Out?

Absolutely. Read our Skiffl guides for each City here. Alternatively, email info@skiffl.com and one of our hospitality experts will advise you on the venues that will cater towards exactly what you are looking for.

I'm Trying to Go Out on a Specific Budget, How Do I Find My Best Options?

You have a range of options. Our table selection page gives you table minimum spends, which should help give you an idea of what you will be spending for the night. If you aren’t able to find anything that suits you or your budget, get in touch with one of our Hospitality Experts and let them do the work.

Help with Bookings

How Far in Advance Can I Book a Table?

Booking is available up to 6 months in advance of your night out, and remains open until an hour before the venue opens on the night of.

What is Included with My Table Booking?

Additional perks change from venue to venue, but all bottle service packages include:

  • The bottles you ordered
  • Standard mixers (Lemonade, Coca-Cola/Pepsi etc.)
  • Express entry into the club for you and your guests
  • A private table for you and your guests
  • Bottle service from a personal host/hostess
I Booked a Table, Do I Still Have to Pay an Entrance Fee?

Check the package details, most (but not all) venues waive entrance fee for guests who have bought hospitality packages. Any additional guests not included in the hospitality package you purchased must pay the entrance fee (if applicable) and wait in line.

How Many People Can I Bring? Can I Set Up My Own Guest List?

The table selection menu shows the maximum guests allowed for each option. Each person (up to the max) that accepts your invitation will be added to the guest list.

What Does "Pay At Venue" Mean?

By selecting “Pay at Venue” in the checkout process, you will reserve a table, but will select your bottles and pay at the venue on your night out.

What Time Should I Arrive At the Venue?

If you don’t arrive by the time set in your booking your table may be released (at the discretion of the venue), so be on time!

Can My Guests Show Up Later than the Arrival Time?

Yes, only one person needs to get there at arrival time to keep the table. Your friends will be on a list for your table.

Cancellations & Refunds

What if I Have to Cancel My Table?

Either email us (bookings@skiffl.com) or call us (0151 909 2015) to cancel your table. There is a 20% fee for cancellations within 48 hours of the reservation (same goes for no-shows).

We Decided We Aren't Going Out After All, Can We Cancel?

You can cancel at any time, but cancellations within 48 hours of the booking are charged a 20% cancellation fee.

What is the Refund Policy for a Cancelled Table?

You can cancel your table at any time, but there is a 20% fee if you cancel less than 48 hours before your reservation.

I Didn't Show Up for My Reservation, What Happens Now?

There is a 20% fee for no-shows on reservations.

I'm On A Guest List, But I'm Not Going to Make it. What Should I Do?

Here at Skiffl, we really appreciate when people let us know they won’t be attending, but you don’t HAVE to do anything. Call us on0151 909 2015 or email bookings@skiffl.com to let us know.

Splitting The Bill

What Does it Mean to Split?

When you purchase a table with Skiffl, you may invite friends through the app to add them to your guest list. The “split” option not only adds them to the guest list, but divides the bill among each guest equally.

What Are the Options for Splitting The Tab?

If you are splitting your tab, you must do so before you arrive at the venue. Splitting the tab requires you to:

  • Create your table
  • Select your bottles
  • Send out invitations to your friends.

Your table will not be booked until all of your friends agree to join, and you will not be charged until then.

How Do I Presplit with Friends?
  • iOS: Select “Split Tab” at the bottom of the table review screen, select the number of guests, and hit “Invite your Friends.” On the following screen, hit the “Invite Friends” button and select a share option.
  • Android: Select “Split Tab” at the bottom of the table review screen, select the number of guests, and
How Long Do I Have to Split a Tab?

You have until 1 hour before your scheduled time of arrival to complete all payments. If your table isn’t paid for by this time, it may be released.

Going Out

What Time Should I Get to the Venue?

You should arrive by your scheduled booking time. If you don’t arrive by the time set in your booking, your table may be released (at the discretion of the venue), so be on time!

Can I Arrive Early?

It likely won’t be a problem, but you may have to wait while the venue gets your table ready. Email (bookings@skiffl.com) or call us (0151 909 2015) to let us know your new arrival time so we can ensure you get seated quickly.

Will I Have to Show ID at the Venue?

Yes, you will be required to show ID to verify your table, age, and debit/credit card.

I Booked a Table On My Own, How Do My Friends Get in if They Arrive Separately?

When your friends arrive, they will just tell the VIP host they are with you and they will be taken to your table. If you have used our “split-the-tab” feature, each person will have their own unique QR code to present upon entry to the venue.

I Want to Order More Bottles Once I've Ran Out. Can I Do this with the App?

If you want to order more bottles once you are out, you can order directly with your table’s host/hostess at the venue.

An Issue Came Up, How Do I Get in Touch with a Skiffl Hospitality Expert?

Call/Text your experts on 0151 909 2015. They’ll be available to handle any issues that arise and ensure you have the best night possible.

Am I Guaranteed Entry with Skiffl?

No. Venues have complete discretion for entry. Info about the venue’s dress code and conduct guidelines can be found on the venue’s listing in the app.

What is the Dress Code at the Venue I'm Going To?

Dress code varies for each bar and nightclub. See the relevant venue’s listing within the Skiffl app for more information about their particular dress code.

Getting Into The Venue

What Type of ID Should I Bring?
  • Valid, unexpired, UK driver’s license (paper ID is not acceptable)
  • Driver’s licenses from other countries often require a second form of ID, such as a credit card
  • Official Passport
Can Door Staff Refuse Entry Even Thought I Booked Through Skiffl?

Yes, entry is entirely the discretion of the door staff.

Why Would I Be Denied Entry to the Bar or Club?

A venue can deny anybody entry from their private building, but some major reasons are:

  • Arriving overly-intoxicated
  • Being aggressive or rowdy
  • Breaking dress code
  • Being underage
  • Invalid forms of ID
  • Failing to comply with other establishment policies (which vary from venue to venue.)
My ID Has Expired, Can I Still Use it to Enter a Venue?

No. Expired IDs are not valid as a proof of age.

I Have Temporary Paper ID, Can I Still Use It?

Paper IDs are not honoured as proper proof of age.

Account & Profile

How Do I Sign Up with Skiffl?

Sign up with your email, or link your Facebook. Signing up for a Skiffl account is free.

After you sign up, complete your profile to get the most out of Skiffl.

What Does a Complete Profile Look Like?
  • Your real name! – If not, you’ll have a reservation under a name that doesn’t match your ID, which makes the guest list problematic.
  • Birthday – We require a verified age to use our app. You’ll be showing security your ID, so it won’t help to enter an incorrect age.
  • Payment information – This makes it that much easier to book last minute, skip the line, or grab tickets right when they go on sale.
  • Phone number – You’ll receive booking confirmation and any additional information via text message.
  • Photo – Not required, but helps us identify you at the door.
I Used A Fake Name on Facebook and Now My Account Details are Wrong. How Can I Fix This?
  • iOS: Under “profile” tap your name and enter your real name.
  • Android: Under “profile” tap your name and enter your real name.
How Do I Change My Password?

To change your password, log out of the app. Then click “log in” then “forgot”. You should receive an email, follow the instructions to easily change your password.

How Can I Change my Phone Number?
  • iOS: Under “profile” tab, select your name and enter a new phone number.
  • Android: Under “profile” tap the edit button in the bottom right, and update your phone number.
How Can I Change my Email Address?
  • iOS: Under “profile” tab, select your name and enter a new email address
  • Android: Under “profile” tap the edit button in the bottom right, and update your email address