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Skiffl Logos


Skiffl Logo with No Text

App Icon Logo (No Text)

Just the image part of the Skiffl logo – a stylised white ‘S’ on a purple background.

Skiffl Logo with Black Text and Transparent Background

Skiffl Logo Black Text (png)

The Skiffl logo including the stylised white ‘S’ on a purple background, with black text. This image is a PNG file with a transparent background.

Skiffl Logo with White Text (png)

The Skiffl logo including the stylised white ‘S’ on a purple background, with white text. This image is a PNG file with a transparent background.

Images of Skiffl App

Photos of the Skiffl running on iOS and Android devices.


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About The Skiffl Apps


Skiffl is available for Free on iOS and Android. The app is currently available to use in Liverpool, but will be expanding to other UK cities in the near future.

With the Skiffl app, Users can:

  • Browse through bars & nightclubs in cities were Skiffl is available
  • Book a VIP table (aka ‘booth’) in a venue on the app
  • Pre-order drinks from the venue’s bottle menu
  • Join a guest list at a venue on the app (add up to 5 additional guests)
  • Pay for the booking using a credit/debit card
  • Split the bill with 1 or more guests
  • Leave a review of their booking

For a more detailed list of features, click here:

The app is also used by venue partners (an Owner, Manager or Member of Staff at a Bar or Nightclub) to:

  • Accept or Reject booking requests
  • Manage their guest list
  • Add, Edit or Remove drinks packages/minimum spends
  • Verify users on arrival with the scanner tool

For more information about what Skiffl offers to bars & nightclubs, see here:

The goals of the app are to offer a much quicker, easier and more transparent way for people to go out in style and to help our venue partners sell more VIP tables every weekend.

About Skiffl Ltd


The Company’s Beginnings

Skiffl Ltd was established in June 2016. Since its inception, Skiffl Ltd has raised funding from a number of UK investors and has focused on app development, research & development and working with existing figures and business in UK nightlife.

What Skiffl Does

Skiffl is a nightlife booking app which is available for free on both iPhone and Android devices. The app launched in Liverpool in summer 2017, with the most popular and exclusive nightlife venues in the city on board.

Skiffl has been described as ‘OpenTable for Nightlife’ – as it is a marketplace that connects bars & nightclubs with people going on a night out. Skiffl facilitates VIP table reservations, guest list, pre-orders for bottle service and payment for VIP tables.

One of the most unique features of the Skiffl app is the ‘Split The Tab’ feature. Split The Tab allows users to share the cost of their booking with as many guests as they like. For example, if a booking costs £400 for 8 people – the lead booker has the option to invite the other 7 guests to contribute to the cost – which is this case would be £50 each.

What’s Next for Skiffl

The Skiffl Team plan to expand into new cities across the UK, such as Manchester, London, Glasgow, Cardiff, Newcastle, Leeds and many more. Following this, Skiffl will go international.

We will also be introducing new features to make future nights out even better.

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